Moringa Wrap – Light airy wrap Pattern

Greetings all!!

Im so excited to announce the release of the much awaited Moringa wrap!!

This design has been a wonderful journey for me as a designer and I am super glad to finally be able to release the pattern!!

The Moringa wrap is one of those designs that – was inspiration struck at a random thought and envisioned into a gorgeous pattern! The stitches, the yarn and the overall Design just fell into place like cogs of a machine and it was perfection!!


The Inspiration

The inspiration for the wrap came from the pattern of the Moringa Leaves. The compounded leaf Structure of hte Moringa leaves creates such a beautiful zig zag pattern that mesmerised me into working on a stitch pattern to achieve a similar texture.

The Yarn

Once I had an inspiration in my head, i set out to experiment with the yarn i wanted to use to turn this vision into reality. And that’s when the Thick n thin 100% cotton handspun yarn from Yarnkart spoke to me. The yarn has such a gorgeous texture and it became a priority for me to make that texture shine.

This thick and thin handspun cotton yarn can be bought from the Yarnkart store.

The Stitches

With the vision and inspiration in mind I set out to convert it to a crochet piece. After numourous failed attempts at swatches with various stitches, i decided to clean the slate and start afresh with something very basic and very simple. That when magic struck and the combination of the puff stitches to create the Leaf like look came about. Along with it, the other most basic and simple stitch – the Linen/Moss Stitch for the body section of the Wrap.

The Linen Stitch not only makes the texture of the yarn shine but also gives a beautiful drape to the whole wrap. It opens up so beautifully after blocking that it creates an almost lace like fabric. This makes the wrap perfect for our Indian weather and gives the right amount of warmth.

You can learn how to make the Linen Stitch with the Stitch Tutorial here!!!

The puff stitch section adds a contrast with the colour block stripes and makes the wrap heavier at the two ends, giving the wrap a fall when worn around oneself.

The Pattern

The Moringa Wrap is finally live on my Ravelry page and my website. You can get it at a discount of 15% off till Nov 1st 2020, using the coupon code ” MORINGA “


Please feel free to leave your comments below and let me know your thoughts on the Moringa Wrap.