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Linen / Moss Stitch – Crochet Stitch Tutorial

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Welcome to another edition of Tutorial Tuesday with Stringtierey!

Today we will learn How to make the Linen Stitch in crochet. This stitch is also known as the Moss stitch and is a combination of very basic stitches.


The Linen/Moss Stitch requires the knowledge of only chains and single crochet!! How simple is that!! This stitch creates a beautiful woven type of fabric and texture. Depending on the yarn and hook size one uses it can also create a dense fabric or a light lacy fabric!! Now thats cool right? What is even more cooler is that this stitch is reversible. The front and the back side of this stitch look exactly similar and can be used both ways!

Materials Required

50 gms of any yarn with the recomended hook size.

For the sake of this tutorial I’m using the 6 ply cake yarn worsted weight and my Clover Soft touch 6mm hook.

A pair of Scissors

And a Stitch Marker.


Ch – Chain

st – stitch

sc – single crochet

sk st – skip stitch

The Stitch

The Linen /moss stitch can be worked on any odd number of stitches. This stitch is a repeat of 2 rows alternatively that give the overall effect of the woven fabric. Its basically a repeat of (sc1, ch1, sk 1) worked alternatively over two rows. It can also be made in any type of yarn in any thickness with the recomended hook size.

The Instructions

For the sake of this tutorial im making 15 chains (remember it has to be an odd number).

CH 15

Now we will turn the chain and work only in the back bump of the chains.

Row 1: Ch1 (this is an additional chain to the base of odd no of chains to give height), sc in the first st *ch1, sk 1, sc * Repeat * to * till the end. Turn.

Row 2: Ch1, sc, *sc in the ch1 sp from previous row, ch1, sk1, * Repeat * to * till 2nd lst stitch. Sc in the last ch sp and the st. Turn.

Repeat Row 1 and 2 alternatively till required length/ no of rows.

Tips and Tricks

While making the Linen/Moss stitch, ensure that you mark every row 1 repeat with a stitch marker so that you do not repeat the same row again and even after you come back to the project you will remember what row repeat did you leave it at.

If you happen to repeat any of the rows adjecently instead of alternatively then your stitch counts will either increase or decrease. So Be Careful!! Use A Stitch Marker!!

Now for creating different types of fabric with the same stitch,

For a dense fabric – use a thicker yarn with a thinner hook. eg. worsted weight yarn with a 4 or 4.5 mm hook.

For a lacey fabric – use a thinner yarn with a larger hook. eg. fingering weight yarn with a 5.5 or 6mm hook.

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Video Tutorial

Understand how to make the Linen/Moss stitch clearly. Watch the Video Tutorial below:

Projects using the Linen/Moss Stitch

If you want to see the linen stitch worked up in projects, check out my Two projects that use this stitch.

The Linen and Lace Tote

The Linen Stitch is used here in the top portion of the tote to create the end of the bag and break the monotony of the lace st. As you can see the fabric created here is dense and perfect for the function of the tote bag.

You can get this pattern for free on my blog!!! Head over here to read all about it!!!

The Moringa Wrap

The Linen stitch is used in the Moringa Wrap for the body section to create the lacey airy fabric. Here we are using a thick n thin textured yarn with a larger hook size to achieve this effect (after blocking ofcourse!)

You can get this pattern on my Ravelry page or on my Website Shop.

Hope you like this tutorial and you can leave your feedback and comments in the comment section below.

Cya next time with another new stitch and another new tutorial!!